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Life Coaching Frankfurt_Tajda Glazer


Helping you create a life & career you’re in love with! 

Find your purpose, build your confidence and create a meaningful, impactful and fulfilling life & career, doing what you LOVE.

It’s time to say          to the dreams and goals in your heart. It’s time for you to go after your              and create the life you
truly want to live. 



Life Coaching Frankfurt_Tajda Glazer


Does any of this
sound like you?

  • You’re stuck in the corporate world and feel like you're on a hamster wheel: you have a well-paid job with good benefits, but you’re not passionate about your work

  • You're stressed out, unmotivated, feeling under a lot of pressure or burned out

  • You’re at a transitional point in your life or career, knowing that something has to change, but you don’t have clarity over what’s next or aren’t sure how to make that transition

  • You feel lost, stuck or unfulfilled in your personal life or your career

  • You know that so much more is possible for you and that you have so much potential you’re not tapping into

  • You have a vision, an idea or a project that excites you, but you're not taking action because you're scared of not having financial security or making the wrong decision

  • You’re not feeling on purpose or making the impact you want to be making

  • You don't feel fully confident in yourself or your skills and you suffer from imposter syndrome 

  • You want more freedom, flexibility and fulfilment, feeling energised, motivated, inspired 

  • You can’t seem to figure it out on your own and you’re craving guidance, support or accountability…

  • You want to be a positive example for your kids, modelling to them what's possible in terms of their life & career

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Then see how transformational, soul-centered life & career coaching can
change your life. 


Life & career coaching


Life Coaching Frankfurt_Tajda Glazer

Set yourself up for success in your life & career so you can thrive with the help of one of the most powerful personality tests available to us. The Enneagram helps you understand your motivations, unconscious patterns that drive your behaviour, why you are who you are and why you do what you do. 

This is a great starting point to learn more about yourself, your needs, your gifts, strengths & weaknesses, what you need specifically to be successful and start creating positive transformations in your life & career.


Life Coaching Frankfurt_Tajda Glazer

Uncover your soul purpose and the work you’re meant to be doing in the world, understand exactly how you can make an impact by using your unique gifts, get clarity on which career path is aligned with your soul and overcome the blocks that are holding you back from fully living your purpose and vision.


Purpose & Potential Special helps you get unstuck and supports you in finding a career that feels aligned, meaningful & impactful. You'll be clear and inspired to move into action on your dreams, feeling fulfilled, free and on purpose.


Tajda Glazer_Life & Career Coach Frankfurt_edited.jpg

Overcome your biggest blocks and limitations (self-doubt, fear of failure, imposter syndrome, comparison...), build deep confidence in yourself & your skills, create freedom and financial safety and follow a clear plan and aligned action steps to transition into your dream life & career.


Individualized coaching is tailored to exactly what you need to create powerful results in your life, career or business.

Life Coaching Frankfurt_Tajda Glazer


Life Coaching Frankfurt_Tajda Glazer

Hi! I"m Tajda Glazer, Professional Life & Career Coach

​I’m a lawyer and journalist turned Professional Life & Career Coach, Mastery Method™ certified, and over the past 5 years I've helped hundreds of clients go from feeling stuck their life or career to finding their soul purpose, creating a fulfilling and exciting life, doing work they love (either by transitioning into a more fulfilling career, starting their own business or launching their passion project), making the income and impact they want, feeling on purpose. 


I’m so happy to welcome you here because that means you’re ready to create big and exciting changes in your life!   


Six years ago I was stuck in a corporate job I didn’t enjoy, feeling lost and completely disconnected from my purpose. To add to that: this was my 3rd career pivot, I was going through a burn out, had very little trust in myself and was terrified of starting from scratch (and what others will think of me if I pivot again). At the same time I knew in my heart that I needed to get out of my job because that was not ME and I couldn’t keep living on autopilot, surviving for a good paycheck. That wasn’t the life I wanted to be living! 

I was craving freedom, flexibility, feeling on purpose, being in my JOY and I knew, I KNEW that there had to be a way for me to make that happen, even though I didn’t know HOW yet. 

With the help of transformational coaching, working through my blocks, limitations, fears, self-doubts on a deeper level + taking aligned action steps I’ve completely transformed from the inside out (if you met me 6 years ago you couldn’t believe that I’m the same person!).

I’m now living the life I’d once only imagined on my vision board. I’ve transitioned from being on the hamster wheel into a career that I absolutely LOVE, working with people I adore, feeling happy, fulfilled, energized and on purpose. Every day I wake up full of gratitude and excitement about the projects I’m working on. I'm making a difference in the world by using my unique strengths & gifts, running a successful coaching business and feeling confident in what I do.  


Did it happen over night? No. Was ist scary? Absolutely. But was it rewarding? Hell yes! Change is a process and if you start making changes now, all of those inner and outer steps compile over time and within a year your life can look completely different - inside and out! <3 


If this is what you’re craving, let’s make this your reality too! 

Life Coaching Frankfurt_Tajda Glazer


How I support you as your
& career coach

As your life & career coach I help you find clarity, inner power and confidence to discover and bring your vision to life and initiate powerful and long-lasting changes in your life and career.

There are no limits to what you can be, have or do, except for the ones you set for yourself! 

My job as your coach is to challenge your thinking and your limitations, help you understand what’s holding you back so you can clear it at the root + not take it with you into the future, recreating the same results, and move toward the vision in your heart with EASE and LIGHTNESS.


My soul-centered coaching approach is based on Alyssa Nobriga’s renowned Mastery Method Coaching™ - it combines transformational and performance coaching with modern spirituality and allows you to create deep transformations from the inside out. 


When you change your inner world, your outer world naturally changes - regardless of whether that’s in your life, your career or in your position as a leader/executive. 


There’s no need for pushing and hustling because that doesn’t support you in the long-term. You get to things your way. 


My coaching isn’t about creating surface-level change - I’m passionate about helping you create long-term and sustainable changes in your life & career so that you feel happy, fulfilled, on purpose on the inside AND see the results in the outer world. 


When you do your inner work and take aligned action, magic starts to unfold in your life & career. 

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Creating change is 80% inner work and
20% action!

Alyssa Nobriga, Founder of the Institute for Coaching Mastery 


Areas of specialty

Clarity, Purpose & Vision

Confidence, self trust & self-worth

Potential, strengths & gifts 

Empower-ment & inner peace

Burnout & stress management 

Resilience & supportive mindset

Transforming limiting


Personal & professional



Take the leap from the  corporate world where you're feeling unmotivated, uninspired and caught in the hamster wheel to creating a fulfilling and meaningful career or business. Feel on purpose. Make the impact and income you want, on your own terms.


Find your purpose, fulfilment, happiness. Build confidence and trust in yourself. Set healthy boundaries. Step into your power and create a meaningful life you’re absolutely passionate about! 


Develop your role as a conscious leader and create a value & purpose-driven work environment. Drive engagement & performance. Build your confidence and improve your communication skills. Master your emotions and emotional reactions. Create a  better work-life balance. Overcome burnout and strengthen your resilience.


What my clients say about me and my coaching work

Tajda guided me to transform my life, to find my higher purpose, to clarify and understand my core values and to incorporate strategies to always feel empowered. It feels so amazing to understand yourself, knowing what gives you energy, what inspires you and what is important to have in your daily life. On top of that, I learned so many practical tools. With her support I was able to find fulfillment in my career and personal life. Today, I truly know who I am and what I want and what I don’t want. I regained my self-awareness and self-confidence.
If you want to transform your life, find your purpose and so some real life-changing inner work, then I completely recommend working with Tajda. No matter where you are now, I promise that working with her as your coach brings so much added value to your life. Tajda is not only an amazing coach but also such a beautiful heartwarming soul that makes you feel held, appreciated, understood, and supported every step of the way. 
Life Coaching Testimonial_Tajda Glazer Life Coach
Team Lead Talent Acquisition 
Frankfurt, Germany


Start creating powerful
changes today

Find Your Purpose_Life Coaching Frankfurt_Tajda Glazer


Find Your Purpose & What You"re Meant To Be Doing In The World

Uncover your gifts and tap into your full potential. 

Income Planner_Life Coaching Frankfurt_Tajda Glazer


Income Planner

Feel financially secure as you transition from an unfulfilling job into your dream career or business. 

Meditation_Tajda Glazer Life Coaching


10-Day Meditation Challenge For A Calm Mind

Build a regular meditation practice to calm down your mind, cultivate mindfulness, build resilience and reduce stress & anxiety.


Be part of the change!

I am committed to encouraging equality, diversity & inclusion and helping eliminate any kind of discrimination, in particular racial, gender-based and sexual. I am determined to help children in need and make the world a safer, supportive, more loving and inclusive place. Here are projects and causes that are very close to my heart, which a part of your investment goes towards too:

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Trauma Free World_Logo_Tajda Glazer Coaching
Orphans Promise Logo_Tajda Glazer Coaching
Life Coaching Frankfurt_Tajda Glazer

Join our community of ambitious, caring and heart-centered individuals who want to make a difference in the world, are dedicated to their personal & professional growth and are ready to create a life & career they love! This is where you get the best coaching insights, tips, tools and exclusive content. 

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