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Life Coaching Frankfurt _Tajda Glazer

Coaching Programs

Each of my transformational coaching programs is designed to support you in becoming confident, happy, fulfilled and creating a meaningful, impactful life, career or business, doing the work you LOVE and feeling on purpose. 

Working together:
let's do it, baby!

Whether you want to find yourself again, find your purpose, transition out of a high-pressure corporate job into a meaningful and fulfilling career / business, start a passion project, uplevel your leadership skills... or stay in action toward your vision and play big - you're in the right place.


My powerful and soul-centered coaching programs work because we create change from the inside out.  They transform and uplevel your life - in fact, all areas of your life.

I deeply care about you feeling fulfilled and on purpose, waking up excited and passionate about your life and your work, doing what you LOVE and what you're MEANT to be doing in the world, in a way that's fully aligned with you.


Life coaching can take you to the next level, invite you outside of your comfort zone and call you forward into what you're truly capable of - with ease, lightness, joy. Not to mention it can help you fast-track your journey to where you want to be.

No more playing small. I know how much potential is within you and my promise to you is that I will hold you accountable to your biggest, boldest, most audacious vision and work with you to overcome whatever has been holding you back so far so that you can move forward into a life and career that you know is possible for you.

I'm so excited for you. This is where your life changes!

Life & Career Coaching Frankfurt_Tajda Glazer




Want to get unstuck, get clarity, confidently move into action and make your dream life & career a reality? 

Life Coaching Frankfurt_Tajda Glazer


Self-discovery with the Enneagram 

The Enneagram is a renowned personality type model that helps you understand yourself at a deeper level and it makes the unseen seen: your gifts, strengths, fears, triggers, unconscious motivations and self-sabotaging patterns. 


It helps you become aware of why you are the way you are, why you think the thoughts you think, behave & feel the way you do, what’s blocking you from creating what you want and how you set yourself up for success based on your personality type. 


Combined with transformational coaching it’s a profound tool that helps you get unstuck, find clarity, transform your weaknesses and use your gifts to create a meaningful and fulfilling life, career or business. 




Want to find your purpose and the work
you're meant to be doing in the world?

Life Coaching Frankfurt_Tajda Glazer


Purpose & Potential Special

Are you looking to find clarity around your soul purpose and the work you're meant to be doing in the world? Are you craving to work in a career or business that's impactful, meaningful, aligned with your purpose, doing work you're amazing at + feel passionate about, but don't know what that is and where to start? 

Purpose & Potential Special helps you uncover your unique gifts and talents and get crystal clear on your soul purpose and vision. It helps you understand exactly how you want to make an impact in this world in a way you can contribute most and guide you to turn that into an aligned, meaningful and impactful career or business you can thrive in and deeply enjoy. 








Want to transition into a fulfilling and meaningful life, career or business, doing what you LOVE and making an impact? 

Life & Career Coaching Frankfurt_Tajda Glazer


1:1 Coaching

Are you in a transitional time in your life, feeling lost and unsure of what’s next for you? Are you stuck in a career or a high-pressure corporate job that doesn't fulfill you, doing work you're not passionate about, knowing in your heart that this isn't what you're truly meant to be doing in the world and that you're not living your full potential? 

Do you want to create a fulfilling, joyful and exciting life, feeling confident, motivated, proud, excited? Do you want to transition into a meaningful career or business doing what you LOVE, making the income and impact you want, having more freedom, flexibility, feeling on purpose, making a real difference in the world, but you don't know where to start or how to get there? 

​This is my most powerful coaching program that helps you gain clarity and confidence to make that big leap or transition in your life, overcome your biggest inner blocks and limitations that have been holding you back from creating a career or business you know in your heart is possible for you, create freedom and financial safety and take consistent and aligned action steps to make that dream a reality.






Want to feel confident and empowered, play big and take consistent action steps in your purpose-driven career or business? 

Life & Career Coaching Frankfurt_Tajda Glazer


Mindset Studio

Are you an early stage and purpose-driven business owner, coach or career professional and want to have an impactful, fulfilling and meaningful career or business, but are playing small and not making the progress or the impact you want?

Mindset Studio is designed to help you overcome negative self-beliefs and mindset blocks that inevitably show up as you move toward your bigger vision and support you in staying in action so you can confidently create the business & career you know is possibile for you.

Life & Career Coaching Frankfurt_Tajda Glazer

Still unsure which program would be perfect for you?

That's absolutely ok! I invite you to book a complimentary consultation call with me so I can get a better understanding of your hopes, dreams, desires and blocks. Based on what you share with me in the application form and during our conversation, I'll give you my honest recommendation of what will support you most to create the results you want to create in your life.

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